How We Got Here

The 2020 Primary was a 27-person pileup to see who was best to succeed Sanders and Biden- and we got Sanders and Biden. So what happened?

Kamala Harris’ case against Brett Kavanaugh during the judge’s 2018 confirmation hearing put her in the spotlight as a possible strong contender in 2020.
Joe Biden has wanted to be the President for a while. A photo from his brief run in 1988.
Wayne Messam, who reportedly raised $5 (you read that right) in Q3.
This is what Joe Sestak looks like.
Pictured: A ton of money.
Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, won the most delegates out of Iowa, and came within 2 points of Sanders in New Hampshire.
Gov. John Hickenlooper left the race in August to run for Cory Gardner’s senate seat.
The still-crowded field in New Hampshire helped Sanders win with a small plurality of the votes.
If not her, then who?
In many ways, 2016 never ended.

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